At Thrive we're listening to the Dads too! 

We know that parenting is a steep learning curve. The task of caring for young children can leave us feeling ‘thrown in the deep end’... But generally, parents ‘learn how to swim’ by seeking advice and support, using trial and error, a bit of grit, and, like any other skill, through practice, practice, practice.

Unfortunately, Aussie Dads can find themselves between a rock and hard place when trying to juggle the demands of their career and caring responsibilities. Although social attitudes are changing, the breadwinner / homemaker dichotomy remains ubiquitous. Seventy-nine percent of Australian Dads work full-time, even though many report a desire to spend more time with their families. Despite this, nearly half of working Dads (48%) do not take leave from work following the birth of their child[1].

The financial and social pressures to work full-time with minimal interruption can be the catalyst to a snowball of challenges. Returning to full-time work shortly after the birth of their child can leave Dads at a disadvantage when it comes to bonding with their child, sharing in the joys of parenthood, developing and practicing their parenting skills. This, in-turn can leave Dads feeling left out, or ineffective as parents; it can negatively impact their involvement with their children and the quality of the time they spend with them; and, it can negatively impact Dads’ mental health, and productivity at work.

You may have heard about post-natal depression, but did you know Dads can get it too? In fact, one in five Aussie Dads experience symptoms of depression and/or anxiety following the birth of a child[2].

So we’re listening to what working Dads have to say. We recognise that care and career are a ‘two way street’ and help working Dads alleviate the pressure of choosing between their care and career responsibilities. Earlier this year we hosted an interactive webinar to support working Dads to achieve greater work / family balance by negotiating flexible working arrangements with their employer. Additionally, we’re excited about our first ever Working Dads Workshop coming up on October 30.

At Thrive we’re committed to helping all parents thrive at work and at home.

We are listening, and we want to hear from working Dads.

Whether your children are big or small we want to hear about what helps you to thrive at work and at home.

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