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At Diversity Inclusion we don't like to think of anyone missing out, so even if you're not involved in the program, we give you a little sneak peak into some of the major topics addressed as a Thrive participant.

Click here to check out the publicly available resources, or check out the latest articles below!

Flexible Working and Fathers

Flexible Work Arrangements The nature of work is changing. In the past, fathers typically assumed the role as a family’s breadwinner.  These days, things are different. Many mothers aim to pursue careers that they have worked and studied hard for, and equally, many fathers aim…
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We're Listening to Working Dads

At Thrive we're listening to the Dads too!  We know that parenting is a steep learning curve. The task of caring for young children can leave us feeling ‘thrown in the deep end’... But generally, parents ‘learn how to swim’ by seeking advice and support, using trial and error,…
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The Truth about Sleep

Sleep is something that many of us take for granted, yet, we may not have not taken a moment to think about what actually happens when we sleep... Surprisingly, our brain does not completely shut down and rest while we sleep; it actually remains very active and it cycles through…
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Awards for Excellence in Women's Leadership 2018

This week, Women and Leadership Australia announced the 8 amazing women who won the 2018 awards for Excellence in Women’s Leadership . These awards primarily seek to increase the visibility of women in leadership in Australia, by recognising professional women who strive to increase…
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The Core Essence of Resilience from Turia Pitt

“I can’t…………… yet, Turia,” explains Celestine Vaite (Turia Pitt’s mother’). When it comes to resilience, Turia Pitt is an expert. Most of us have heard, or know of, the story of Turia Pitt; the young woman who sustained devastating burn injuries to 65% of her body in a wild bushfire…
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Journey to Parenthood Quiz

Are you heading into parenthood? Whether you've just started down the path, are trying for a baby or have already returned to work after having your little one - this one's for you! Did some parts of this quiz resonate with you? Have you got something to add? Share with us on…
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'Bonk Ban' bonkers? Or Good Practice for Business?

'Bonk Ban' bonkers? Or Good Practice for Business? We all know a happy couple that met at work. What’s the big deal ? They’re two consenting adults. Shouldn’t employers treat their employees like adults? But what about when the balance of power is skewed towards the boss? Relationships…
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Flexibility for Fathers

I would love to be able to spend more time with my kids, but it wouldn’t even cross my mind to ask for flexible working arrangements. I guess I’ve never really thought that there were other options for me in my role. Greg Financial advisor and father of two Flexible working is…
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Be Bold, Dig Deep, Back Yourself

In our eyes - Gail Kelly is a fantastic example of strong women in leadership. She's brave, she's outspoken and most of all, she believes in herself. In her book, Live Lead Learn My Stories of Life and Leadership , Kelly is asked “If you could provide one piece of advice to young…
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Thrive is about organisations, managers and employees thriving when it comes to combining career + child. Our Thrive Partner Program provides resources to all your carers at work. As a Thrive Participant we support women at each stage during pregnancy, on leave and returning to work to achieve success through our resources, expert advice and workshops. 

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