Jacinda Arden is an inspirational leader in so many ways.  The Prime Minister of New Zealand is now leading the way for working Mums, on a very personal note.

In January 2018, just four months in to her first term as the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern has announced her pregnancy with their first child. In her joyous social media announcement, Jacinda shares her excitement about becoming a first-time parent and her commitment to her professional role, saying “I’ll be a prime minster AND a mum”.

We are thrilled to follow Jacinda’s journey as the first leader of a country to have a baby while in public office. We have no doubt that she will thrive as she joins the "many parents out there who wear two hats" and that we will no doubt learn a lot from her experiences in 2018.

Jacinda began her political career in 2001 as a researcher and policy advisor, she was first elected to parliament in 2008 and is now the youngest ever female head of government. Jacinda is a member of the New Zealand Labour Party and a staunch advocate for women’s rights in the workplace. During her election campaign in 2017 she shone a spotlight on pregnancy discrimination when she called out a radio presenter for his “totally unacceptable” question regarding her plans for children and refuted his claims that “employers of a company need to know that type of thing from a woman they are employing”.

With public plans to take 6 weeks off after the birth, and their appointment of husband Clarke as a "stay-at-home" dad, we look forward to sharing Jacinda’s many joys and challenges as she navigates her first year and beyond.

In Jacinda’s own words “bring on 2018”!

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