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At each stage of the parenting journey we support you to network, learn and thrive with other working parents at our workshops. 

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Wednesday 3 April - Adelaide Wednesday 10 April - Perth Tuesday 3 December - Adelaide In 2018 our Working Dads workshop sold out. This year working fathers have three opportunities to attend this one-of-a-kind one-day workshop specifically for working fathers to help them Thrive…
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Wednesday 21 August Adelaide Wednesday 28 August Perth Whether your parental leave break from paid work was measured in weeks or years, returning to work after having a baby is an life-shift for you and your family. That's why we developed our workshops: to empower Mums with…
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What is Thrive? 

Welcome to Thrive, your solution to career and child, whether you are an organisation, a manager or parent (or soon to be parent!).

Thrive is revolutionising the way organisations support their employees when they have a child, working hand-in-hand with women and men and their managers to achieve win-win outcomes.

Why Thrive?

Career and children are often thought of at two ends of a spectrum; where work and home life are at odds. The journey into parenthood is full of challenges, and sadly many Mums and Dads explain that their career suffers as a result.

We believe that there is a better way and we want to help change the story for so many parents and their organisations.

Corporate Partner Program

Our corporate Partner Program guarantees every pregnant staff member a place in our Thrive Program in 2018. We go a step further, supporting all carers in your workplace including fathers and those who are taking care of others, such as their parents.

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Online articles

Achieve success and maintain wellbeing as a working parent.

We help you to stay up to date with the latest research with our ever growing catalogue of articles and online resources. 

Flexible Working and Fathers

Flexible Work Arrangements The nature of work is changing. In the past, fathers typically assumed the role as a family’s breadwinner.  These days, things are different. Many mothers aim to pursue careers that they have worked and studied hard for, and equally, many fathers aim…
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We're Listening to Working Dads

At Thrive we're listening to the Dads too!  We know that parenting is a steep learning curve. The task of caring for young children can leave us feeling ‘thrown in the deep end’... But generally, parents ‘learn how to swim’ by seeking advice and support, using trial and error,…
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The Truth about Sleep

Sleep is something that many of us take for granted, yet, we may not have not taken a moment to think about what actually happens when we sleep... Surprisingly, our brain does not completely shut down and rest while we sleep; it actually remains very active and it cycles through…
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Leading Organisations


To supplement internal intitiatives, ASC has proudly become a Thrive partner for 2018. Thrive will support ASC to become an even better place to work, offering great opportunities to our capable and dedicated people.

General Manager Compliance and Assurance, ASC Pty. Ltd.

Thriving Employees


One size does not fit all, so managing parental leave is critical to great outcomes for women and their workplaces. Thrive helps women and their managers to achieve a win-win.

Partner, Brentnalls SA

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Our webinar series focuses on Flexibility and Wellbeing.

Join us to hear from guest experts and keep up to date with the latest research to help you achieve flexibility and maintain wellbeing at work and at home. 

Our webinars are free for all participants from partner organisations. 

If you're not yet part of our program but want to join the webinar, contact us to find out about joining Thrive!